6. There’s a high quality environment that people value, enjoy and get out into

This is what people have told us is good about the area now:

  • Leave green spaces as they are
  • Green space should be kept as it is – good for the neighbourhood.
  • The green spaces at Porchfield good
  • I particularly value wildlife corridors – bringing something of the countryside to the town.
  • The availability of green spaces for people to quietly enjoy and to encourage wildlife.   These create the feel of a locality and impact positively on wellbeing and behaviour.
  • Good walking in the Severn valley to the north and west of the area
  • Good bird watching – Severn valley east of the sewage treatment works
  • Otters in the Severn valley in the north of the area
  • I walk here every day  – Castle Walk park
  • One of the many routes we take to town on foot or cycle – green land by the Dana
  • Good route to town over the Castle Walk bridge
  • Walking along the river
  • Path between The Chilterns and Telford Estate – good to use in all weathers.

This is what people have told us needs improving about the area now:

  • I think we could do a lot more with the playing fields
  • More seating at local parks
  • Protect the green spaces we already have from housing development etc
  • Keep green area clean and tidy; tickets for drop litter/rubbish on any area and give power to CSU’s to keep that in action. Put boxes for dog poo
  • To build and protect more green areas in Shropshire
  • To plant more trees in local areas
  • Improve Severn Way footpath at Weir Hill to give better access to Belvidere Rail Bridge over the river. This bridge is a tourist attraction having 12 spans of cast iron (Coalbrookdale) built in 1848.   Footpath through woodland needs improving.
  • Keep dogs and motorbikes out
  • Get drug dealers/takers out
  • More seats/benches in parks and playgrounds
  • To plant more trees in local areas
  • Prevent gradual erosion of green spaces to development.
  • Action should be to take every opportunity to extend them (green spaces) and above all to preserve and maintain what is there.
  • Keep the Mousefield in Underdale Road free from building
  • As a keen walker and cyclist I’m all for improved walking and cycling routes into and around the town/area, and to the countryside
  • Encourage local people to form small groups in their area to keep it clean, the Council providing bags and litter pickers.
By ourselvesWith othersInfluencing others
Investigate the opportunity to set up a ‘friends of’ or ‘champions’ for as many local open spaces as possible. Taking on litter picks, dog poo picks, vegetation clearance, minor improvements, contact/liaise with Council etc.A-R
Meet with relevant officers to prioritise and implement suggested improvements for recreation sites.
Identify priority locations for provision of seating, then seek to make them happen – fundraise, get permission, influence to provide, make a community project, etc.A-SCL
Meet with relevant officers and staff from the Town, Shropshire Council and other interested parties to create a ‘dealing with dog poo’ action plan, e.g. enforcement, separate dog parks.
Organise community clear-ups at priority sites, including litter picking and vegetation clearance.A-SCL
Meet with relevant officers and staff to discuss options for better litter management.
Find out the future for the nearly empty commercial unit behind Whitehall, and how this can be linked to safeguarding the listed vacant building adjacent.A-HCD
Investigate the potential for placing signage to make people aware of the Conservation Area.

Making our vision happen

  1. People feel connected and that they belong here
  2. It’s easy and safe to get around, and it’s a pleasure to walk down the street
  3. Our built environment promotes a sense of community
  4. There’s enough green space for playing, relaxing and recreation
  5. People feel safe and it’s child friendly
  6. There’s a high quality environment that people value, enjoy and get out into
  7. People can live in an environmentally friendly way