1. People feel connected and that they belong here

This is what people have told us is good about the area now:

  • It is a friendly place
  • Very good community and people are so friendly
  • Monkfest a great idea
  • Good social life and community in Abbey Court with bingo, music and film club

This is what people have told us needs improving about the area now:

  • More community services for the elderly
  • Anything to get us out of our living rooms and doing things together-street party, open house/gardens
  • More meetings support for local groups
  • We need centres for people of all ages to meet
  • Need to organise community meetings and events
By ourselvesWith othersInfluencing others
Investigate the feasibility of closing streets for children’s recreation (ref. the Bristol model)A-SC
Assess the feasibility of an online resource/directory of community activities and events.
Street/site/footpath ‘champions’/wardens to help keep the area clean.A-SC
Work with others to make better use of existing spaces for community purposes.
Investigate the opportunity to set-up ‘friends of’ or ‘champions’ for as many local open spaces as possible. Taking on litter picks, dog poo picks, vegetation clearance, minor improvements etc., contact/liaise with council.
Hold more community events, e.g. fun days, community meal or picnic.
Organise a community event to bring community groups together to network with one another.
Audit the availability and suitability of existing community venues (gap analysis) and identify appropriate solutions to problems identified.
Publicise the existing community venues.

Making our vision happen

  1. People feel connected and that they belong here
  2. It’s easy and safe to get around, and it’s a pleasure to walk down the street
  3. Our built environment promotes a sense of community
  4. There’s enough green space for playing, relaxing and recreation
  5. People feel safe and it’s child friendly
  6. There’s a high quality environment that people value, enjoy and get out into
  7. People can live in an environmentally friendly way