7. People can live in an environmentally friendly way

This is what people have told us is good about the area now:

  • As a keen walker and cyclist I’m all for improved walking and cycling routes into and around the town/area, and to the countryside.
  • Housing is good
  • Like the whole of Cherry Orchard but love the eclectic mix of houses in this area
  • It’s a friendly place – but anything to get us all out of our living rooms and doing things together would be welcome – street party, open house/gardens.
  • Very good community and people are so friendly
  • Get cracking on the hydro scheme by the weir
  • Monkmoor Rec is good; help the neighbourhood relax in their spare time

This is what people have told us needs improving about the area now:

  • Make sure all proposed housing schemes include green space in their applications.
  • Historic buildings should be kept for the community and not left to rot; try and preserve them and treat them with respect
  • More affordable homes need to be provided for the community
  • All new housing developments should be constructed to the approved eco-standard e.g. solar panels
  • I agree any new developments should be in keeping with the character of the area but also be imaginative/creative with an emphasis on energy saving measures (look for sustainable homes, passive house standards, etc)
  • Density is an issue.   Some developments in the town look like ghettos in the making.   The difference when there are green spaces and less dense building is marked – the feel of those developments is of a pleasant place to be in and the dense ones are not.
  • Stop the building over and concreting of so much ground i.e. infill housing, parking in gardens
  • Safe play areas should be provided within any future housing developments, i.e. car free areas where children can safely play, in addition to the requirement for the provision of structured play areas.
  • Appropriate and adequate parking provision in new developments whether these occur on currently identified sites or future windfall/brownfield sites in order to alleviate pressure on existing sites/roads.
  • All new developments should have adequate and appropriate access for buses, cyclists and pedestrians…
  • Full recycling facilities should be provided on all newdevelopments.
  • Improve bus routes especially to new housing
  • Lack of existing green spaces, this should be taken into account when windfall sites fall in – consider provision of additional green spaces not automatically allocate to housing.
  • Stop the really foul smell from the sewage treatment plant please
  • More pedestrian crossings on Monkmoor Road
  • Encourage local people to form small groups in their area to keep it clean, the Council providing bags and litter pickers
  • Cross-town buses are essential.   One or more circular routes could be established

Improve bus services to local sports centres/activity centres especially during evening.

By ourselvesWith othersInfluencing others
Do a “reusable bag” campaign.A-GA
Meet relevant officers to discuss existing levels of bus service and what potential there is for improvement and how the community can support/help to influence this.A-SCL
Charge for use of plastic bags.
Audit cycle path/route provision, including gaps in continuity, with the aim of identifying the community’s priorities for improvements.A-GA
Consider how to publicise existing bus services better.A-GA
Ensure that the link between Castle Walk and Sixth Form College is maintained.
Raise awareness about the cost of litter-picking.A-GA
Consider how to publicise existing cycle network better.A-SCL
Reinstate cardboard recycling.
Do research to create the community’s views on housing standards.
Awareness-raising campaign to reduce car use for school journeys.

Making our vision happen

  1. People feel connected and that they belong here
  2. It’s easy and safe to get around, and it’s a pleasure to walk down the street
  3. Our built environment promotes a sense of community
  4. There’s enough green space for playing, relaxing and recreation
  5. People feel safe and it’s child friendly
  6. There’s a high quality environment that people value, enjoy and get out into
  7. People can live in an environmentally friendly way