How we plan to make our vision happen

The content of this section is the same as How we plan to make our consultation themes happen, but the layout is different.

We are using both ways of presenting it because we’re aware that some people find it more useful if they can see the Action Ideas grouped in relation to the vision, and others will probably find it more useful to see the Action Ideas grouped in relation the Phase Two consultation themes.

Also, some people may not read the Plan from start to finish, but rather just dip into particular parts of it.

River Severn

The River Severn is valued as both a wildlife corridor and for its recreational use

Our vision for Underdale, Monkmoor and Abbey comprises eight different statements about what the area will feel like, if we’re successful.

The Action Ideas that we include in the Plan will help to create that success. In this section, for each of the statements of success, we explain why it’s included in the Plan (based on what people told us during the various consultations), and we list the Action Ideas that could help to contribute to achieving it.

We’ve put the Action Ideas into three different categories:

  1. By Ourselves – Any individual or group in the community takes the lead. Action comes from the community on its own.
  2. With Others – By ourselves, but working with other groups and/or organisations.
  3. Influencing Others – We can’t do it by ourselves, but we can work to persuade others.

Each action has its own individual reference number, which relates the action to a policy theme.

For example, action A-R i) relates to the Recreation policy theme; whereas the prefix A shows that this is an action, R is the policy theme it relates to, and i) shows that it’s the first of a number of suggested actions relating to a policy theme (please note there is no order of priority of actions or relationship with specific policies).

Children's play area

Recognising the importance of green spaces

And don’t forget, this Plan is intended to be a resource to help anyone in the area if they’re thinking about doing something to make it better, so that they know what’s most important to the people living here.

Don’t wait for someone else to take on an Action Idea if it’s something you feel passionate about, or it’s something your group has a particular interest in.

Get in touch with your local councillor or Shropshire Council Community Enablement Officer, let them know that you intend to take action, and they can let you know if anyone else has already expressed an interest or is already working on this, and they can also tell you what else is being done that might be relevant.

Making our vision happen

  1. People feel connected and that they belong here
  2. It’s easy and safe to get around, and it’s a pleasure to walk down the street
  3. Our built environment promotes a sense of community
  4. There’s enough green space for playing, relaxing and recreation
  5. People feel safe and it’s child friendly
  6. There’s a high quality environment that people value, enjoy and get out into
  7. People can live in an environmentally friendly way