How to get involved

The next step is to make things happen and build the community we want to see – and only the community can make it happen.

The plan outlines a list of things that the community wants to happen, as well as how we can make them happen.

Dog fouling warning posterIt gives us a basis to address the themes covered in our consultation and our vision for the community.

We’ve called all of these Action Points and graded them according to how we can get them done.

Action Points are graded according to:

  • What the community can achieve by ourselves
  • What the community can do, but we’ll need the help of others
  • What only others can do – but the community can influence them to do it

The Action Points in Detail

Over to you!

Don’t wait for someone else to take on an Action Idea if it’s something you feel passionate about or it’s something your group has a particular interest in.

Get in touch with your local councillor or Shropshire Council’s Community Enablement Officer for the area, let them know you want to get involved and they will tel you if anyone else has already expressed interest or is already working on your idea.

They can also tell you what else is being done that might be relevant.

Where to get help with your idea