What is a Community Led Plan?

It’s not just us who are doing a Community Led Plan.

In 2011, the Localism Act came into being, and that brought about many changes in relation to community rights, including the ‘Right to Plan’.

For the first time, the Act gave communities the right to draw up neighbourhood plans, with the intention that these are used to influence the future of the places where they live, focussing particularly on where homes and business development takes place.

Shropshire Council has encouraged a community led planning approach, where the scope is widened to include many other aspects of community life.

Plotting on a map

Gathering residents’ views

Underdale, Monkmoor and Abbey’s Community Led Plan will carry real weight in relation to development decisions made in our area; our Plan fits in with all the other planning policies that apply.

Once the Community Led Plan is adopted by Shropshire Council, it will then be a material planning consideration, so that any content of the Plan which relates to land use planning will be taken into account when planning development decisions are being made.

The UMACC group has taken the lead on preparing the Plan, but it is intended as a working document for everyone living, working and involved in community groups in Underdale, Monkmoor and Abbey.

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