How we prepared the plan

The UMACC group followed a developmental process which began in 2012. The key steps are shown in this flow diagram:

Graphic showing how the UMACC Plan was developed

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The location of the respondents

This map shows the locations of residents who responded to the consultation.

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Consultation events were held in a number of venues and respondents came from locations spread right across the UMACC area.

How we funded the plan

UMACC’s members have given their time voluntarily to the project, including regular meetings and workshops, as well as running a variety of consultation activities, adding up to more than 2,500 hours since early 2012.

Some things have needed ‘real’ money and UMACC has been one of five pilot ‘front runner’ groups in Shropshire which received financial support to prepare a Neighbourhood or Community Led Plan from the Government via Shropshire Council).

This made it possible for UMACC to pay for:

  • Materials, equipment and venue hire for the community consultation activities;
  • Printing of limited numbers of Plan summaries;
  • Someone to give advice and help guide the group through the process, and to take on many of the tasks that the group would otherwise have struggled to do themselves within a reasonable timeframe.