About Underdale, Monkmoor and Abbey Community Circle (UMACC)

umacc_bannerUMACC was formed by a group of residents from the three electoral areas of Underdale, Monkmoor and Abbey to create a forum in which local ideas could be given a voice.

The aim was to give people more say over the things in the community that matter to them and help improve the quality of life for local residents.

Group members are all local volunteers, with a passion for making their area a better place.

In 2010, UMACC led on preparing the Underdale, Monkmoor and Abbey Community Action Plan.

Based on consultation reaching out to all households in the area, the Plan summarised what people said and outlined actions to take in response to the issues raised, including the environment, traffic and transport, community and family, crime and anti-social behaviour.

This plan proved very useful for UMACC to be able to demonstrate the community’s priorities and to press for improvements, using it when working with Councillors, Council officers and others.

Due to local and regional changes, the group considered it was necessary to update the plan.

This has been the focus of UMACC’s work over the last two years, and the group is delighted now to be able to present the Underdale Monkmoor and Abbey Community Led Plan 2015.