What we want to keep and what we want to avoid

Street jammed with parked cars

Parking problems

Planning for the future lets us think about how everyone who lives here wants to see the area develop – and what we want to stay the same.

As a result of our first consultations we were able to draw together a list of themes, which we have used as a basis for our policies.

This framework covers these eight areas:

  • Recreation
  • Sense of Community
  • Street Cleanliness
  • Traffic and Parking
  • Housing and Commercial Development
  • Historic Buildings and Architecture
  • Green Spaces
  • Getting Round

We think it is helpful to continue to use these themes to categorise the things we want to see implemented in Underdale, Monkmoor and Abbey.

These policies provide the guidelines which should underpin any new developments, as well as any changes to existing developments. They should also support any plans for maintaining, changing or improving service provision.

Detailed plan policies can be found On the UMACC Policies page